Marketing Services

AWJ Platinum PR is led by its founder, Belinda Foster, a seasoned Marketing and Promotions Executive  in the Music and Hollywood entertainment industries. Foster leads AWJ Platinum's team of professionals to create solid marketing campaigns supporting record labels and artists in the music business as well as creative professionals in the television and film industries along with other specialty fields. 

As a Marketing Executive, she continues to spearhead music campaigns with various independent record labels as well as distributors including Bungalo Records.  The company also provides dynamic campaigns in support of television and film premieres.

As a seasoned professional in the music industry, Foster provides dynamic leadership working with a team of industry professionals to create strategic marketing campaigns and production services supporting record labels and artists in the music industry. 

The company’s array of services include music marketing, promotions, distribution, production, mixing and mastering offering a full service dynamic for musical artists and labels. 

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AWJ Platinum PR is experienced in representing clients on the red carpet of top awards shows including the Emmys, BET Awards, Grammy Awards and other major awards programs.

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