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Music Marketing, Production & More

AWJ Platinum PR is a seasoned firm with national and global outreach in the area of marketing, promotions and production services. The company has solid experience in creating and conducting strategic marketing campaigns to reach national and global audiences covering a broad range of genres in music.

AWJ Platinum PR is led by its founder, Belinda Foster, a seasoned Marketing and Promotions Executive in the Music and Hollywood entertainment industries. Foster directs the company's team of professionals to create quality branding campaigns for its vast array of clientele.

As a seasoned Marketing Executive, she has spearheaded national and global music campaigns with various independent record labels including projects distributed through Universal Music Group, Warner Brothers Music and Sony Music to name a few. 

As a seasoned professional in the music industry, Foster provides dynamic leadership working with a team of industry professionals to create strategic marketing campaigns and production services supporting record labels and artists in the music industry. 

The company’s array of services includes music marketing, promotions, publicity, social media campaigns, production, mixing and mastering and production services. With its wide range of professional services, AWJ Platinum is prepared to offer a full-service dynamic experience for artists, labels, actors, authors, corporations and other creative content producers. 

In addition, AWJ Platinum PR is a submission company that actively participates in  Grammy submissions of musical artists for consideration to the Recording Academy on an annual basis. AWJ Platinum PR has solid experience in  marketing Grammy campaigns as well as providing VIP PR services for official nominees and talent on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards.

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AWJ Platinum PR is experienced in representing clients on the red carpet of top awards shows including the Emmys, BET Awards, Grammy Awards and other major awards programs.

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